Tip 11
Do not assume that Austrians are exactly like Germans. Austria is a country with a great sense of historiy and a unique culture.
Tip 12
Meetings will be run in a methodical fashion with the agenda, by and large, adhered to. Try to avoid deviating from the set agenda unless it is absolutely unavoidable.
Tip 13
Meetings may be arranged early in the morning as Austrians tend to start at 8:00 am
Tip 14
In a meeting situation, avoid speaking for the sake of speaking. Speak only when you have something relevant to say about a topic which you are knowledgeable upon.
Tip 15
Cross-departmental teams can be difficult to manage as they cut across the normal hierarchical loyalties and lines.
Tip 16
Surnames are usually used in business circles as are academic and professional titles.
Tip 17
Try to be as direct and literal in your use of language as possible. Avoid the use of coded language which can be confusing.
Tip 18
Although women play a less significant role at senior management level than in some other countries, visiting female managers should have few problems and will be treated with professional courtesy and respect.
Tip 19
Dress code still tends towards the formal and it is best to wear conservative, business-formal attire ' this applies to both men and women.
Tip 20
Most business entertaining will be done at local restaurants. It is unusual to be invited to the home of a business colleague for a meal.