Tip 11
Australians tend to plan in less detail than certain other countries (Germany or Japan for example.)
Tip 12
The object of a meeting is often to explore the various possibilities available at that time, in order to determine what detailed actions may need to be taken after the meeting
Tip 13
Agendas are often produced at meetings but will not, necessarily, be strictly adhered to. Some deviation is allowed if it is felt to be constructive deviation. This is viewed as pragmatic.
Tip 14
Australians like to be viewed as good team players and will try very hard to play the role.
Tip 15
Teams are best managed by somebody who wants to be part of the team, rather than somebody who wished to be seen as apart from the team.
Tip 16
A team leader should view themselves the 'first amongst equals'.
Tip 17
Australians like people to say exactly what is on their mind. Hiding your views behind diplomatic language can be seen as evasiveness.
Tip 18
Never try to 'hard sell' things to Australians who will probably view such an approach as bragging. Such an approach will invariably backfire in Australia.
Tip 19
Humour is an oft-used communication device in Australian business circles. It is difficult to envisage many situations where the use of humour would be deemed inappropriate.
Tip 20
Business attire in Australia tends towards the formal with suits and ties the norm for men in management positions in major cities.