Tip 11
Many Americans never leave the States. Be prepared for a parochially American view of the world.
Tip 12
Enthusiasm is endemic in business. Join in. Do not exhibit a jaundiced, 'old world' approach as this will be interpreted as defeatist.
Tip 13
New is good. Change is ever present in American corporate life and therefore so is the easy acceptance of new ideas, new models etc.
Tip 14
Gift giving is unusual in the States and many companies have policies to restrict or forbid the acceptance of presents.
Tip 15
Americans tend to work longer hours and take fewer days of vacation than their European counterparts.
Tip 16
Try to be punctual for meetings - if you are late apologise.
Tip 17
Despite the seeming lack of hierarchy within an American organisation, the boss is the boss and is expected to make decisions and is held accountable for those decisions.
Tip 18
Americans often socialise with work colleagues outside the office - and this often includes the family.
Tip 19
Titles are an unreliable guide to relative importance within an organisation due to their proliferation.
Tip 20
Business is a serious thing in the States and it is important that you are seen to be serious in your intent and commitment.